2010 Nichols Girl's Lacrosse Playday - Draft 2 - 4-29-10
  Friday May 7            
  Strauss Truscott Turf   Peek Turf   Rink Field   Potter Field
4:00 Nichols 3 vs Lorne Park 3   Holy Angels vs Father Austin   Lorne Park 1   vs Buffalo  Seminary 1    
5:00 Nichols 3 vs Newfane   Nichols 2 vs Brampton   ER 2 vs Albert   Mt. Lebanon 1 vs Wilson 2
6:00 Nichols 1 vs ER 1   Wilson 1 vs Lorne Park 1   Lorne Park 3 vs Buff Sem 2   Lorne Park 2 vs Nichols JV
  Saturday May 8            
9:00 Nichols 2 vs Wilson 1   Lorne Park 1 vs Notre Dame 1   Mt. Lebanon 1 vs Brampton   Fr. Austin vs Newfane
10:00 Nichols 3 vs Lorne Park 2   Mt. Lebanon 7/8 vs Ontario 7/8   Wilson 2 vs Newfane   EFS 7/8  vs Amherst 7/8
11:00 Nichols 1 vs Wilson 1   Lorne Park 3 vs Albert    Holy Angels vs Brampton   Buffalo Seminary 2 vs Lorne Park 2
12:00 Fr Austin vs Lorne Park 1   Nichols 7/8 1 vs Mt. Lebanon 7/8   Amherst 7/8 vs Ontario 7/8   Notre Dame 1 vs Buffalo Seminary 1
1:00 Nichols 1 vs Brampton   Nichols 7/8 vs Amherst 7/8   EFS 7/8 vs Ontario 7/8   Lorne Park 2 vs Newfane
2:00 Mt. Lebanon 1 vs Fr. Austin   ER 1 vs Wilson 1   Lorne Park 3  vs ER 2   Nichols JV vs Albert
3:00 Wilson 2 vs ER 2   Notre Dame 1  vs ER 1   EFS 7/8 vs Mt. Lebanon 7/8   Nichols 7/8 vs Ontario 7/8


You are invited to participate in the 2010

Nichols School Girl’s Lacrosse Playday

Friday and Saturday May 7-8 in Buffalo, NY




Welcome to the 2010 Nichols School Girl's Lacrosse Playday!

Please make sure that you send your payment for the tournament immediately with the included RSVP form to : Rob Stewart, Athletic Director, Nichols School, 1250 Amherst St. Buffalo, NY 14216

$150   2 games                        $240   4 games

$190   3 games

Playday schedule will be available on the Nichols School Web Site or at www.nyslacrosse.org  under Nichols Playday on Friday April 30 ..


All US Lacrosse Rules are in effect with the following exceptions:

Game time:     2-20 minutes halves with running time

 w/ stopped clock in last two minutes of the second half only


All games on Peek, Strauss-Truscott, Potter & Rink fields will start on a central horn and referees will keep time on the field stopping the clock on each whistle in the final 2 minutes of the game only. Referee will end game on their clock. Games must finish by :55, in time for the next game to start on time. Waterman field games will be started on time by the official. Game time starts at the assigned time. Teams must be warmed up and ready to play when the game before is finished. No warm up time on the field is allotted. NO TEAMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE QUADRANGLE DUE TO GRADUATION PREPARATION.


Time Outs: 1 –1 minute time out per game per team, called only after a goal by the coach or player.


Any player or coach receiving a red card or 2 yellow cards is ineligible to participate in the next game of the playday, or the next regularly scheduled game for that team if it is the last game of the day. All red cards must be reported to Beth Stone.


Good Sportsmanship is a priority! The US Lacrosse Code of Conduct is the standard for us all to follow. NO UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR WILL BE TOLERATED FROM ANYONE. We are here to learn and have fun. Join in the spirit!!


Each team must supply their own game balls for each game (so referees have 2), clock and scorekeeper, pinnies and water bottles. We will have water coolers to refill bottles but we will not supply cups.

Nichols 1 & 2 teams will wear green on Friday and on Saturday will be wearing white jerseys. Nichols MS will be wearing white jerseys.


Trainer will be available by walkie talkie or will be stationed by the vendors by Peek field. All athletes must provide their own medical supplies, including prewrap, tape, aces, etc.


Ice for injuries only, is available at each field and the snack bar.


SNACK BAR WILL BE OPEN. Sheet pizzas for Saturday can be preordered through the snack bar for $22 (Cheese or Cheese + 1 item; each additional item is $3. Orders must be placed by Friday, May 7, at 3 pm. Contact Tom  716-875-8212x282 at snackbar@nicholsschool.org


The snack bar will be open on both Friday and Saturday.


Bathrooms are available in the Dann Memorial Rink. Muddy Cleats must be removed before entering any building.



Buses will be asked to drop players on campus and park off campus in another location. Directions will be provided when you arrive on campus. Vans may park on campus for as long as there are legal parking places. Our campus will once again be under construction. Entrance to the parking lot is from Amherst St.


Please remind your athletes to pick up their belongings and garbage to keep our campus beautiful and clean. Trash cans will be provided on each field.


MSLA Teams please report your weekend scores to Danielle Vallas to be submitted to MSLA for seeding for MSLA Tournament.


Please notify your players & parents:

Vendors who will be present at the playday.


Extra copies of your rosters may be left at the vendor booth, for college coaches to pick up if you are interested.


We have 2  Sport turf fields. Footwear for the turfs is cleats, turf shoes or sneakers. It is a longer grass surface so cleats work the best.

In case of heavy rains our fields do not drain. If the fields are unplayable we will try to play as many games as possible on the turf fields. Muddy cleats cannot be worn on the turf so a second pair of shoes is adviseable. Muddy sneakers may not be worn on the turf fields and bathrooms may not be used to clean shoes!!! Teams who do not have clean shoes will not be able to play.





Directions to Nichols School:


From South and West:  90 East to Route 33 West (Exit 51 W), take 33 West and exit at 198 West. Go Right at the stop light at Parkside Avenue (Buffalo Zoo), Go Left on Amherst St. at the zoo corner and right in to the second Nichols entrance (second set of brick pillars) or 


I-90E and Exit onto 190 North off I-90 (Exit 53), go right on 198 East, exit on Delaware Avenue North, go right on Nottingham Terrace at the first light and right on Amherst St. Take the first left into Nichols.


From Canada: Come across the Peace Bridge, take 190 North, go right on 198 East, exit on Delaware Avenue North, go right on Nottingham Terrace at the first light and right on Amherst St. Take the first left into Nichols.



Host Hotel: Hyatt Hotel    $84  Nichols Rate (for families also)- Make your reservations now!

Change from last year~!

The contact person is Amanda


Hyatt Regency Hotel of Buffalo

Two Fountain Plaza

Buffalo, NY 14202



$84 per night plus tax.  This rate is quoted for a standard room with 2 double beds or a standard room with 1 king size bed and a rollaway.



I will try to make the schedule fit as close as possible to your requests but many teams make scheduling difficult.

Look forward to seeing you May 7! Travel Safely!


Nichols Contacts:


Danielle Vallas, Head Coach dvallas@nicholsschool.org   716-875-8212x260

Rob Stewart, Athletic Director   rstewart@nicholsschool.org   716-875-8212x115

Beth  Stone, Lacrosse Coordinator   716-310-8211 (cell)        bstone@nicholsschool.org   716-875-8212x126 school   fax 716-877-2053